School Facts

History:  Lingle Middle School opened its doors in December of 1996 with 6th graders. In January 1997, we added 7th graders, and in August of 2008 we added 8th graders. The school is named in honor of Greer Lingle, former Superintendent for Rogers Public Schools.
Mascot:  Lion
Colors: Red and White
Motto: Serious About Education
Mission: Lingle Middle School is a community where all students are challenged to learn, to succeed, and to prepare for the future.
Shannon Wright Award
The Shannon Wright Award has recognized one exemplary middle level program in Arkansas each year since its inception in 1999. The award is presented to a school that demonstrates outstanding achievement in the implementation of the best middle level practices as outlined in the report Turning Points: Preparing American Youth for the 21st Century. The award derives its name from Shannon Wright, a middle school teacher, who died in the tragic Westside Middle School shooting incident in March, 1998. LMS is very proud to be recognized as an outstanding middle school.
PE 4 Life Academy
The physical education program at Lingle is a certified PE4LIFE program. To become certified, a school must go through an application process and demonstrate that it combines today's best practices to inspire and educate all students about the vital importance of lifetime physical activity and fitness. Academy status was announced in January of 2007. Being an Academy means Lingle will provide training to school and community leaders with the objective of assisting them with the development of PE4LIFE Certified Programs in their communities.