CUBS Reading/History


My name is

Ms. Harrison

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Welcome to Lingle Middle School! My name is Ms. Harrison and I will be teaching Reading and American History this year. It is hard to believe how quickly summer came and went.  Now it is time to dig in and get to work. 

Teaching is one of my favorite things to do!  This will be my tenth year to teach 6th graders at Lingle Middle School. Over the past eleven years I have taught Kindergarten, Reading, English, and Social Studies.  I graduated college from Northeastern State University (which is the same college as Carrie Underwood) and attended the University of Arkansas for graduate school. Go Hogs! 

I enjoy reading, performing in plays at the Rogers Little Theater, and spending time with friends and family, but my favorite hobby is traveling. Some of the places I have traveled to include China, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Greece, Italy, Aruba, and France.  I enjoy learning about other cultures and celebrating our differences.

I love to teach and hope you will have fun learning.  The only thing I ask of my students is that they try their best.  I have high expectations and as I often tell my class, "Don't be lazy!" I am here for you  if you have questions or just need to talk and together we can make this your best year ever!

~Ms. Harrison