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Welcome to Bravehearts . . . you're in for a treat this year!   Not only will we have a full year of geography, but we'll also be using Discovery Education's WORLD GEOGRAPHY TECHBOOK .  (Along with great excitement, however, comes great responsibility for our class-set of Chromebooks.)

 I'll post daily activities & any needed materials on my GOOGLE CLASSROOM  site to make it easier for students to keep up when absent.  Interactive notebooks will be used to keep daily information that can not be kept on a student's Google Drive .  Since these will be kept with the student instead of in the classroom this year, the INBs are always available to be shared with home.  Geography entries for the planner will be very simple:   CW (classwork) & HW (homework).  The red link above for Google Classroom will
 be a student's & parent's best friend!  Make note of the student's district (rps30) account because that's the only way to access my online classroom.  

GRADING:  Keep up with student grades on Eschool . (Make sure to scroll over the bubbles that appear to pick up notes for the students.)  Expect a variety of assessments, from individual to collaborative projects, & we'll always have an end-of-unit assessment.

Students should expect to leave the 7th grade feeling much more comfortable about the world:  the people, the places, & the interaction between them.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you via email as questions arise . . .